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How much of my Hemlock Farms Community Association dues goes to the HFVF&R Co.?
This is a common misconception, and NO community dues are given to the HFVF&R Co. We are a non-profit, 100% volunteer company entirely funded through private donations, our own fund raisers, and third party billing through EMS (Emergency Medical Services). We do receive funds called Firemen's Relief from the state, with which we are allowed to purchase certain clothing and rescue equipment. This is not to say that the HFCA does not support us monetarily; a recent line was added to the HFCA budget to include yearly hose testing. In turn, this should lower our ISO rating, resulting on lower insurance premiums for homeowners!


Does your coverage area expand beyond the Hemlock Farms Community?
Yes, in fact we respond to over 112 square-miles for fire, rescue and EMS coverage. Our primary fire response area extends to the Monroe County Line of Route 402, and we are dual-dispatched with Blooming Grove Township Volunteer Fire Department to the commercial area of Route 739. Visit the Coverage Map page to see the individual EMS and Fire/Rescue coverage areas.


Are my donations tax-deductible?
Yes, your donations to the HFVF&R Co. are tax deductible. Any monetary or material donations may be deducted from your taxes, according to the current Federal and State tax laws. Please check the laws or with your financial advisor to see how this may be done as we are unable to provide tax form preparation advice.


Do you charge for your services?
We bill your insurance company for EMS and ALS services, and additionally for Rescue services associated with a motor vehicle accident. In the event you do not have sufficient insurance coverage, you will be responsible for the remainder of the bill. However, Sustaining Donors will not be charged above their insurance coverage. Your contribution of $80 through our annual mailing will place you on our Sustaining Donor list. With this you receive the security of knowing that you and your family will never be billed anything more for emergency medical transports than your insurance company will pay. This in no way suggests that if you do not have medical coverage, you won't be treated. Every single person gets the exact same care, no matter their given situation or contribution level.


Is the annual donation really enough?
No. Only 37 percent of the people in our response area make any type of donation. We spend hundreds of hours each year planning, preparing and hosting fund-raisers which puts an incredible load on our already over extended volunteers. The fundraisers are a huge part of our annual income. If everyone gave something within their means we could refocus our attention on training and continuing education.


Can anybody join the Company?
Yes, and please do so!! We are always looking for people to help, regardless of ability or qualifications. We have many different categories of membership from the Active Members who run the calls to the support groups like the Auxiliary who play a vital role in fund-raising. To inquire about giving even a small amount of time, contact the station at 570-775-6447.


What should I do if I see a vehicle with emergency lights?
The blue lights used in our members' vehicles are called courtesy lights. You are not required to yield to them, but it is appreciated. It is, however, mandatory by State Law to yield to red lights on our Chief's vehicles and rescue equipment. When you see these lights, please pull over onto the shoulder of the road as quickly and as safely as possible. From our standpoint, we realize it is an inconvenience to have to stop for us, but please realize we are on our way to help someone in need; and if it were your house or family, you'd want us to get there as quickly as possible, right? Also, when yielding, pull over as soon as you see us (don't wait until we're right behind you) and as far off the road as possible. Doing so will further decrease our response time . . . and the driver's will really appreciate it.

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