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2004 E-One Sidestacker HP75' Ladder
2000 GPM Hale QMax Pump
500 Gal Water Tank

29 Ladder  is the first due apparatus for structure fires. Its unique ability allows safe, quick access to most roofs. It's configured with three 200 ft crosslays, and 600 ft of 5" LDH. It also carries 20 gallons of type A foam, high angle ropes, and ventilation equipment.

1999 KME Custom Cab Heavy Rescue
29 Rescue is used primarily for Motor Vehicle Accidents, Heavy Rescue, Firefighter rehabilitation, Confined Space Rescue, Ice Rescue operations, and HazMat operations.  Rescue was refirbished in 2014 and painted black with "ghost" lettering.


2015 Chevrolet Tahoe
Chief/Command Vehicle
The Chief/Command Vehicle is primarily staffed by the Fire Chief or Chief Officer and is used as an Incident Command vehicle.  The Chief/Command Vehicle is equipped with various different types of equipment ranging from communications and medical equipment to structural firefighting equipment.


2003 Ford / Road Rescue Ambulance
Type 3 BLS Ambulance

298 is used on rotation with 297 primarily for EMS calls. In addition, it's used for Firefighter rehabilitation, and function support.

2010 Ford / PL Custom Ambulance
Type 3 BLS Ambulance

2008 KME Engine 
1500 GPM Pump / 1000 Gal Water Tank

Engine 1 is a primary attack vehicle for structure and vehicle fires. It's configured with three 200 ft 1¾" crosslays, 200 ft of 2½" preconnect, and 1000 ft of 5" LDH off the rear. It also contains 40 ft of hard suction hose for drafting water, 50 gallons of class A foam, and a portable deck gun.


1975 Dodge Custom 300, 4X4
500 Gal Water Tank

Brush 1 is used exclusively for brush and woodland fires. It contains a 150 ft redline in the rear.

2002 GMC Sierra

Assistant Chief's Vehicle
The Assistant Chief's Vehicle is primarily used by a Chief Officer or Line Officer for Incident Command and Operations on the fire ground.  This vehicle is also used to transport members to and from an emergency scene or training courses.

29 Fire Police

29 Support ATVs

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